Canton of Saint Georges


Welcome to our Canton. We are part of the Barony of Nottinghill Coill in the Kingdom of Atlantia and encompass Anderson, Pickens and Oconee counties. Our officers and populace are pleased to have a variety of participants from heavy and light fighters and artisans. Even though we are considered a small group, we are very active. Currently we host between two or three primary events a year. We meet the first Tuesday of every month at the Central Public Library in Central, SC. We would be giddy with delight if you joined us. Please call or e-mail for specific times.


The Canton was formed in the Fall, 1997, in the living room of Lord Takeda Yoshinaka & Lady Caitriona inghean Ghiolla Phadraig. Previously associated with the Canton of Falcon Cree we were ceded three counties in the upstate of South Carolina. We achieved full status November 3, 1999.


The Events we host are War Orphans Pity Party (aka WOPP) in August. Previously we hosted Yule Toy Tourney in December which has grown so much, it is now hosted by the Barony. We are especially proud of the Yule Toy Tourney because we collect toys and canned goods for a local charity. Previously we have hosted a spring event and we have plans for an event in the fall of the year.


We normally have at least one fighter (heavy and light) practice, one cavalry practice and one scribal workshop a month. There are other A&S events during the month that spontaneously spring up. View our Calendar or join our e-mail list.


We maintain a Facebook page (Canton of St. Georges) and a blog at Links outside of the site are not maintained by the Canton of St. Georges and are the responsibility of the persons hosting them. The blog has the list of updated officers with contact information. Events are posted on both the blog and Facebook. Populace usually post on the Facebook page. Resources are listed on all three locations. Our e-mail is cantonofstgeorges at and it is checked regularily. We are glad that you stopped by our website.     |     Kingdom of Atlantia     |    Barony of Nottinghill-Coill     |     Disclaimer

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